Is It Time to Put Your “Superpowers” to Work?

To overcome a sinister power that is bogging you down?

To eliminate an evil force diminishing your life energy?

To vanquish a “villain” keeping you from being who you want to be?

No, no! I’m not talking about Coronavirus.

Covid-19 will pass. Really, it will.

You will return to your workplace.

In fact, you will probably be thrilled to get back to it, even if you really didn’t like it before the current unpleasantness.

Before you were told to hunker down, you might have been wondering if you ought to be doing something else, somewhere else, for a different boss.

Maybe you were downsized, right sized or capsized and need to find a completely new workplace.

If only a superhero would come to your rescue?

Even better, what if you had superpowers to come to your own rescue? 

Guess what!

You do!

Your talents are your superpowers (just like in the comic books) and you absolutely have them.

Ever noticed how certain things just come naturally to you . . .

Meeting people everywhere you go.

Applying laser focused attention to a project.

  Coming up with one idea after another.

            Getting the people around you moving forward.

These natural attributes are talents. Properly applied they can become superpowers.

Maybe you’re a little incredulous. Sometimes we’re so aligned with our talents that we don’t even notice them, much less recognize them or value them as superpowers. But, if you find out what your talents are and recognize what you can do with them, then they become your superpowers.

Then those superpowers or Strengths can help you overcome the “evil” forces and challenges that you face. Challenges like finding and securing a new job. Or perhaps discovering a new role or way of succeeding in your current organization. Sometimes the greatest value of Strengths is having a clear picture of your talents and realizing what an amazing, competent, valuable person you really are.   

It would be a crime not to make use of this time away from the workplace and learn more about what your superpowers can do to improve your job search and career planning. (Superheroes really hate crime). It’s time to put your Strengths to work.

Please accept this invitation to join Crews Strengths’ Donald I. Crews at 11 am on Tuesday, May 12th for a free 40 minute webinar about accessing, assessing and making progress with your Strengths (Superpowers). I would love to have you join me.

My superpowers do not include mind reading, so you need to sign up. Please sign up here: “Is It Time to Put Your Strengths to Work?” – Tuesday, May 12.

Can’t make it? Well, there will be another session at 2 pm on Thursday, May 14th. Sign-up for this alternative session here: “Is It Time to Put Your Strengths to Work?” – Thursday, May 14

Let’s get together and start building a dynamic duo.

It’s Time to Put Your Strengths to Work.

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