It's Time to Put Your Library's Strengths to Work

Does your library know its own Strengths?

Do your library team members know their Strengths?

What remarkable things would happen, if your people better understood not only themselves but their colleagues? If your people were encouraged to excel at the things they are already good at, how much more could your library do for your community, your college, your organization? They would get better and better and your library would get better and better.

Amazing things can happen!

We know that each person in your library team who makes the best use of their talents and works at honing them, becomes more engaged and more productive.

Ok. They probably won't checkout books a lot faster or speed read storytime. It's doubtful that is really what you are looking for. But as they plan and perform, they will improve in better alignment with their talents. Exceptional performance truly becomes the norm. Things like productivity, engagement, collegiality and purpose surge.

How do you drive your library to put its Strengths to work?

You start by having your most valuable resource, your people, discover and define the Strengths they possess. The StrengthsFinder (also known as the CliftonStrengths) assessment, taken by over 20 million people, is used by Crews Strengths LLC to help reveal and describe each individual's talents.

With an experienced reference librarian as our principal coach, Crews Strengths understands what's unique about libraries and can help library people discover ways to move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

Team members will then be in a position to not only understand their own strengths, but to understand what makes their colleagues tick and then develop better ways to work together.

It's time for your library to put its Strengths to work. Reach out to Crews Strengths LLC to discuss an even brighter future for your library.