BONUS – “It’s Time to Put Your Resume to Work”- Part 3a : What is the Correct Length for Your Resume?

What is the right length for a resume?

How long should your resume be?

Long enough to spark the interest of the hiring manager, but not more than two pages. Unless you are a CEO of a major firm or foundation, you should limit your resume to two pages. Even if you created the next evolution of social media or a working light saber, keep it to two pages.

If you have run a Fortune 500 company, you can add an additional page, but only if you fill it with valuable information.

Remember, you also have a LinkedIn profile. So, you have a place where more details of what you have done, etc. is. If your resume is sufficiently interesting the hiring manager will want to check out your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t confuse a resume with a CV. A Curriculum Vitae or CV is an extensive multi-page detailed career record which in the United States is almost exclusively used in academia. It includes information about every paper written and class taught. In other countries, the term CV may be used as a synonym for resume.

Let me restate, mere mortals, even one’s with superpowers (Strengths) need no more than a two page resume. If you are early in the work force, one page may even be enough.

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