We know that an individual naming, claiming and aiming superpowers (Strengths) can do amazing things with them and continue to develop and improve.

Whether they're avenging, fantastic or a league, superheroes find they are more effective when they combine their strengths. How about we imagine what could be done by groups of individuals bringing their strengths together as supercharged amazing teams.

Gallup spends a lot of time looking at workplaces. Their ongoing research reveals that organizations which recognize and utilize a Strengths approach have much greater engagement and greater productivity (how about 12.5 % - like gaining a little more than an extra successful day every two weeks). And when team members are engaged and working within their Strengths, that success breeds more success for the team, its members and its leaders.

Let Crews Strengths bring this way of thinking and working to your organization. Crews Strengths can present workshops that get your team thinking about, experimenting with and ultimately implementing a Strengths centered culture. Depending on your needs and plans, full day, half day and 2.5 hour workshops can be provided on your premises or selected venue.

Maybe you need someone to tell folks what Strengths and talents and engagement is all about. If you want the Strengths message brought to your organization or event, Donald I. Crews is an engaging, empowering and sometimes witty presenter and keynote speaker. Maybe you've discovered your superpowers and you want the message spread in your company, organization or office, think of Crews Strengths as part of you dynamic duo to make that happen.

Reach out to Crews Strengths today to discuss your group's needs.
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