Career Coaching

Job Seekers are one of the groups of people that Crews Strengths is most honored to serve. I first learned about and used StrengthsFinders when I was in an extended job search a few years ago.

I took the assessment less than 2 weeks after losing my job. Immediately it served the positive purpose of saying "This is who you are and that's a good thing!" Ultimately, while still in search, I had an opportunity to work with a certified coach. That led directly to my finally discovering my mission statement, something I had tried to do repeatedly for years.

In my last job, I spent a lot of time working with job searchers. I continue to teach LinkedIn and advise job seekers and businesses about making LinkedIn work for them. I help people clarify what they want and help them share and describe their passion and expertise.

Combining my desire and experience serving job searchers with the incredible clarity provided by discovering your strengths puts Crews Strengths in a position to help amplify your superpowers to succeed in your search and in you next chapter.