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Gallup Certified Strengths Coaching

Is a sinister power bogging you down in self-doubt?

Is an evil force diminishing your life energy?

Is an unknown "villain" keeping you from being who you want to be?

If only a superhero would come to your rescue? Even better, what if you had superpowers to come to your own rescue? Guess what!

Comic Book 'POW'

You do!

Strengths are your superpowers (just like in the comic books) and you absolutely have Strengths. Ever noticed how certain things just come naturally to you: meeting people everywhere you go, applying laser focused attention to a project, and coming up with one idea after another? These abilities are Strengths. You're so aligned with them that sometimes you don't even notice them, much less recognize them as superpowers.

How are your superpowers going to be revealed to you?

The Gallup Strengths Assessment (StrengthsFinder 2.0) is an amazing tool to help you discover your talents. If you haven't taken the assessment, you need to. Contact Crews Strengths to get it.

Now you have the results

What are you going to do with them? Some people aren't ready to be superheroes. They take the assessment, look at the results and then set them aside. You, however, know your Strengths are your superhero origin story, a story that Crews Strengths can help you reveal.

Crews Strengths will:

  • Help unpack your cape (superheroes really like capes) to understand and recognize your unique combination of talents.
  • Give you a hand putting on your cape and improving your x-ray vision of how your superpower strengths can be used to make your world better.
  • Assist you to leap to new heights by working with you to clarify a path to a better, richer, more fulfilling life.
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Crews Strengths LLC is the right choice for your dynamic duo. Helping you discover, understand, and then use your talents; strengthening them until they truly are superpowers. Everybody needs a coach. World class athletes need a coach. Even superheroes need a coach. With Crews Strengths coaching, you improve the odds that your strengths will become your superpowers, by adding insight, perspective and clarity. Crews Strengths is ready to be your coaching partner.

It's a crime not to develop your superpowers (superheroes fight crime) and be the amazing you that you are meant to be.

Sorry my superpowers don't include mindreading, so please reach out to me.

It's time to put your strengths to work!


Call or text: (513) 702-5784


Happy client

Jim A. - "I strongly recommend Donald's coaching. Donald helped me identify the working dynamics of my StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment results. In only a few weeks, I had several job interviews and at least one offer. I credit Donald's great work for this turnaround and would recommend his coaching to any individual or organization seeking to get maximum yield from the Strengths assessment."

Denise T. - "In working with Donald, I've learned (and continue to learn) how to "name, claim, and aim" my strengths. If you've been spinning your wheels trying to figure-out what you want to be when you grow up, you'll want to reach-out to Donald ASAP!"

Happy client


If you are at a transformational point in your life, a time when change is happening or needs to happen or you just have that nagging feeling that you are out of alignment with the authentic you, then Strengths coaching with Crews-Strengths could be a powerful way to discover your superpowers, unpack your cape, put it on and prepare to leap to greater heights.

It's time to put your strengths to work!